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New dialogues, old routes: Emergent collaborations between Brazilian and Angolan music makers

Black Caribbean Literature (BCL)
Moehn,Frederick (Author)
Journal Article
Publication Date:
May, 2011
African American Research Center, Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Subject Term:
Brazil, South America, popular music, Discography, Angola, Lando, Teta
As Angola restructures following a long civil war and Brazil takes a leading role among the rapidly developing BRIC nations, new questions arise pertaining to the African heritage in Brazilian music and to Brazil's role in Angolan cultural initiatives and musical markets. Through examination of Brazilian discourse about such exchanges, combined with a comparative analysis of three versions of Angolan musician Teta Lando's 1974 song, Angolano segue em frente—the original, a recent Brazilian re-recording, and a Brazilian remix—new attention is given to the South-South dialogue that builds on historical connections yet also establishes new resonances in musical evocations of Atlantic affinities.