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World Film Fest is a work in need of progress

Black Caribbean Literature (BCL)
Grant,Natasha (Author)
Newspaper Article
Publication Date:
Oct 7-Oct 13, 2004
New York, NY
African American Research Center, Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Subject Term:
Caribbean area, Blacks, Haiti, Jews, Motion picture festivals, Documentary films, Israel, Coupeau, Steeve, Dores, Maurice
Human Rights in Haiti: A Work in Progress" is a 22-minute abridged Cliffs Notes version of the history of Haitian unrest. Though it is beautifully edited and has some rather moving imagery, the film ends suddenly, which quite frankly took the audience off guard. During the Q&A session following the films, the un-packed audience of 10 people (which included the filmmakers) had a few burning questions, some of which were not completely answered. "Who's the opponent? Who's the evil person here?" "It doesn't make that clear," "There are things that aren't really clear here" were just a few questions the audience members asked.