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Farmers prevailing perception profiles regarding GM crops: a classification proposal

Agricultural Communications Documentation Center (ACDC)
Almeida, Carla (main author), Massarani, Luisa (author)
Online journal article
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SAGE Journals
Agricultural Communications Documentation Center, Funk Library, University of Illinois
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consumers, farmers, information needs, information sources, perceptions, public attitudes, genetic modification, Brazil (Latin America; South America), food issues
15 pages., via online journal., Genetically modified organisms have been at the centre of a major public controversy, involving different interests and actors. While much attention has been devoted to consumer views on genetically modified food, there have been few attempts to understand the perceptions of genetically modified technology among farmers. By investigating perceptions of genetically modified organisms among Brazilian farmers, we intend to contribute towards filling this gap and thereby add the views of this stakeholder group to the genetically modified debate. A comparative analysis of our data and data from other studies indicate there is a complex variety of views on genetically modified organisms among farmers. Despite this diversity, we found variations in such views occur within limited parameters, concerned principally with expectations or concrete experiences regarding the advantages of genetically modified crops, perceptions of risks associated with them, and ethical questions they raise. We then propose a classification of prevailing profiles to represent the spectrum of perceptions of genetically modified organisms among farmers.