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Creation of an information system – a necessary condition of rational organization of agricultural production

Agricultural Communications Documentation Center (ACDC)
Altukhov, Anatoly I. (main author), Bogoviz, Aleksei V. (author), Kuznetsov, Igor M. (author)
ebook chapter
Publication Date:
Agricultural Communications Documentation Center, Funk Library, University of Illinois
Subject Term:
communication barriers, communication systems, computers, information needs, information systems, scientific communication, automation, information communication technology, agricultural production, communication services, agricultural organizations, digital economy, scientific method
7 pages., ebook ISBN 978-3-319-90835-9, Via ebook chapter., The article studies the main reasons for low level of information provision of agricultural production, including the absence of legal documents on systemic development of informatization; imperfection of applied forms and methods of operative planning and regulation of technological processes in most agricultural organizations; unpreparedness of most managers and specialists in agriculture in the sphere of effective usage of scientific methods for managing production processes. The offers for creation of a single three-level automated information and management system are given; it is an initial and necessary condition for improvement of management of agricultural production, improvement of organizational and economic mechanism of management of production processes in the sphere, and implementation of digital economy. Besides, two variants of development of informatization in agricultural production are provided. The first one is the classic variant, based on studying the management object, design of its tasks and functions, and the second is based on creation of a three-level information system of managing the system in the country’s regions.