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Factors influencing consumers’ choice of street-foods and fast-foods in China

Agricultural Communications Documentation Center (ACDC)
Yazie, Biruk (main author), Atinkut, Haimanot B. (author), Tingwu, Yan (author), Gebisa, Bekele (author), Qin, Shengze (author), Assefa, Kidane (author), Melese, Taye (author), Tadesse, Solomon (author), Mirie, Tadie (author)
Research paper
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Academic Journals
Agricultural Communications Documentation Center, Funk Library, University of Illinois
Subject Term:
consumer attitudes, consumers, food, influences, nutrition, health, food industry, obesity, health risks, consumer behavior, China, Hong Kong SAR (Eastern Asia), China, Macao SAR (Eastern Asia), food issues, consumer preference, fast food
12 pages., ISSN 2141-2421, Via online journal., The overarching aim of this paper is to examine empirical findings on the arena of consumers’ behavior and attitude towards intake of street-foods (SFs) and fast foods (FFs) status as well as associated risks of consumption in China. Presently, consuming SFs and FFs have become a popular trend and is counted as the manifestation of modernity in most fast growing countries, for instance, China. The SFs and FFs are believed to be a panacea to the major socio-economic problems for countries having a large population. Over one-quarter of the century FFs and SFs become rapidly expanded in China through the quick service provision of already prepared foods with reasonable prices and source of employment for swarming open country and city inhabitants end to end to its supply. FFs and SFs are the most preferred by consumers because of safety issue, reasonable price, ready-made nature, easily accessible, portability, and so on. Concurrently, the nutritional and health concerns in China revealed that the government is very committed to quarantine and certifies FFs and SFs of food safety and public health, particularly after melamine was detected in milk in the year 2008. This later stimulated the Chinese regime to put into practice food safety law (FSL) in 2009 next to food hygiene law (FHL). FFs and SFs consumers in China are very conscious of food quality and give credit for safety than purchasing prices. Broadly speaking, most examined the papers indulged that FF and SF choice rely on ‘safety first’ by consumers in China. To sustain vendors stock and satisfy consumers’ demand for SF and FF, avoiding health risks, change in the existing perception and trust building is a priority issue.