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The communication effectiveness of scientist-stakeholder partnerships addressing agriculture and natural resources issues: An analysis of the media attention and media framing of the Florida water and climate alliance

Agricultural Communications Documentation Center (ACDC)
Qu, Shuyang (main author), Irani, Tracy (author), Iowa State University University of Florida
Journal article
Publication Date:
United States: New Prairie Press
Agricultural Communications Documentation Center, Funk Library, University of Illinois
Subject Term:
communication methods, communication research, credibility (media), data analysis, data collection, Florida, USA, mass media, media influence, policies, public attitudes, scientific communication, scientists, framing, climate, social media, stakeholders, strategic communication, reputation, Florida Water and Climate Alliance, organization reputation, media framing, Self Directed Work Team, SDWT, framing theory, constant comparative method
15 pages, via online journal article, Scientist-stakeholder partnerships are formed by scientists from academic institutions and industry representatives in an effort to address contingent science issues such as climate change, inform the public and influence public policies. Such organizations often lack expertise in communicating to the public and conducting outreach which are crucial components to building a good reputation. This study selected Florida Water and Climate Alliance [FWCA] as an example of such an organization, exploring its media attention and media framing to assess the visibility and reputation of [FWCA]. Results showed very limited media attention had been devoted to [FWCA]. The framing analysis results indicated that the coverage of [FWCA] is mostly introductory and descriptive information from public institutions, collaborators and funding agencies. These results demonstrate the need for such organizations to increase media visibility and build their reputations through strategic communication. Scientist-stakeholder partnership organizations like FWCA could gain from strategic collaborations with agricultural communications professionals and academic researchers. To better assist in building the reputation for these organizations, recommendations include developing strategic communication plans and conducting research about stakeholders’ and collaborators’ perceptions of an organization’s reputation.