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Who controls your message?

Agricultural Communications Documentation Center (ACDC)
Vacin, Gary L. (main author / Professor of Agriculture Leadership, Education and Communications, University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Journal article
Publication Date:
Agricultural Communications Documentation Center, Funk Library, University of Illinois Box: 96
Subject Term:
communication channels, communicator effectiveness, computers, gatekeepers, information behavior, information control, information flow, information overload, information specialists, trends
James F. Evans Collection, As we move further into the electronics age, several agents of control are muscling their way into the business of communicating. Specifically, technology, fashion and a one-way mid-set are fighting for control over message development and delivery. This article advises land-grant university communicators on how they can recognize - and beat - these control agents, and how communicators can help land-grant universities overcome reputation deficit. We, as communicators, are in danger of losing control of our message. I am not talking about a shadowy conspiracy to subvert our civil liberties. I do not have any evidence of such a thing occurring. The control I am talking about concerns, first, the role of technology. Second, it concerns the way popular fashion shapes and often misshapes our messages. And, finally, it concerns our own intellectual honesty. I call it the problem of the One-Way Mind. Therefore, let me sketch how these agents of control are muscling into our business of being professional communicators. (author)