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Change agent linkage as a characteristic of key communicators

Agricultural Communications Documentation Center (ACDC)
Pareek, Udai (main author), Singh, Y.P. (author)
Journal article
Publication Date:
Agricultural Communications Documentation Center, Funk Library, University of Illinois Box: 43
Subject Term:
adoption, adoption behavior, communication behavior, extension, India, influences, leadership, opinion leaders, rural areas, rural communication, technology transfer, villages
Evans, cited reference, In a study to compare key-communicators with non-communicators, with regard to their role as change agents, the date of inter-personal interactions at different stages of adoption of three improved varieties of seeds, obtained from 94 families constituting an entire medium sized multicaste village were analyzed (sic). Key communicators were defined as those who had performed more than average acts of communication at different stages of adoption of three improved seeds. Non-communicators were those who had not performed any act of adoption. Twenty three key-communicators were identified. The most important way in which the former differed from the latter was in the frequency of their contact with extension agency (sic) working in the area. (original)