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La figura del dictador en "El otono del patriarca", de Gabriel García Márquez

Gabriel Garcia Marquez (GGM)
Porfirio Rafael Rodriguez (main author)
Secondary source, Dissertations and Theses on Gabriel García Márquez
Publication Date:
New York, United States : Teachers College, Columbia University
Library, University of Illinois
(Abstract) "In The Autumn of the Patriarch, García Márquez presents the historic stagnation of Latin America. He also describes the underdevelopment in Latin America but offers no solutions. Since its independence, Latin America has worried about defining its future and its space in international politics; nevertheless, from the start, Latin America has had developmental problems...n The Autumn of the Patriarch, previous dictators are portrayed and dictatorships in other novels are referred to as well. We attempt to clarify the description of the mythical Latin-American monster: the dictator that García Márquez portrays in The Autumn of the Patriarch." Ed.D. Dissertation.