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Establishing a true Latin American identity: A comparative study of the new Latin American narrative with the work of Isabel Allende

Gabriel Garcia Marquez (GGM)
Christopher Weaver (main author)
Secondary source, Dissertations and Theses on Gabriel García Márquez
Publication Date:
New York, United States : Hofstra University
Library, University of Illinois
(Abstract) "The underlying principle for writing this thesis is to compare and contrast The House of the Spirits , written by the Isabel Allende, with One Hundred Years of Solitude , written by Gabriel García Márquez, in hopes of determining which of the two novels better establishes the "true" Latin American identity...in spite of the fact that The House of the Spirits is not intended to convey the "true" Latin American reality, but rather the Chilean reality, it will be argued that this novel, written by Isabel Allende, is the one that better establishes this idea." M.A. Dissertation