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Asimilación de un paisaje trágico: Violencia y melodrama en la novela colombiana contemporánea

Gabriel Garcia Marquez (GGM)
Camila Segura (main author)
Secondary source, Dissertations and Theses on Gabriel García Márquez
Publication Date:
New York, United States : Columbia University
Library, University of Illinois
(Abstract) "Drawing on the work of such theorists as Peter Brooks, James Smith, Christine Gledhill, Linda Williams and Ben Singer, among others, I examine the ways in which some contemporary Colombian novels use violence and melodrama to make sense of the country's social and political turmoil. The historical context of the classic, late 18th century melodrama is comparable to that of contemporary Colombia in that both periods share a generalized feeling of instability, insecurity, and moral ambiguity." and "I also analyze the sociohistorical solutions these novels propose and, considering the incredible publishing success some of them have had, what this suggests in reference to the Colombian imaginaries and their attitudes regarding the State and the Colombian violence. By reading these texts through this unstudied perspective, I bring into focus a new way to read some of the contemporary Colombian novels." Ph.D Dissertation