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Guidelines for Growth in Central New Orleans: GUIDELINES SERIES

City Planning and Landscape Architecture (CPLA)
Barton-Aschman Associates, Inc. (main author)
City Planning & Landscape Architecture Reference and Resource Center, Funk Library, University of Illinois Box: 21; Folder: 5
Subject Term:
City Planning, Land Use, Zoning, Community Facilities, Parking, Neighborhoods, Urban planning, Urban Design, Transportation, Streetscapes, Local transit accessibility, Pedestrian facilities, Streets, New Orleans, Louisiana
The GUIDELINES Series is made up of 14 papers: 1. The Function and Importance of Central New Orleans; 2. Concepts of Land-Use and Zoning; 3. Access to Central New Orleans; 4. Cultural and Meeting Facilities; 5. The International Center Area; 6. Poydras Street Potentials; 7. The Vieux Carré; 8. Canal Street; 9. Parking and Truck Service; 10. Retail Development; 11. Approached to New Development; 12. Supporting Development; 13. Pedestrian Facilities; 14. Design Standards.