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Let the Old Times Roll: Caribbean elders reflect on the pleasures of Christmasses past

Black Caribbean Literature (BCL)
Watson,Sheila (Author)
Newspaper Article
Publication Date:
London, UK
African American Research Center, Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Subject Term:
Blacks, Great Britain, Caribbean, Social life & customs, Culture, Black culture, Minority & ethnic groups, Older people, Traditions, Holidays & special occasions, Aging, Griffith, Mary, Gibson, Florence, Straeder, Sicilia, Miller, Gwendolyn, Rose, Letitia
"Nothing can bring back those days," Mrs [Letitia Rose] declared. "Everything has changed. Nowadays, I don't bother to do a lot of shopping because it is not as enjoyable." "The party was usually held in a big park," she recalled. "There would be lots of food and music playing until late into the night. While the big people danced we used to have our little secret boyfriends and a group of us would to go off and play hide and seek. "As children in Jamaica, we used to organise parties and collect gifts for needy children in the community," said [Iris Gordon], who helped set up the Jamaica Heart Foundation. "Making children happy is what I enjoy most about this time of the year."