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Black Caucus questions Aristide's removal

Black Caribbean Literature (BCL)
Newspaper Article
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Jamaica, NY
African American Research Center, Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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Caribbean area, Politics and government, Blacks, Haiti, African Americans, Culture, Political dissent, Rebellions, Aristide, Jean-Bertrand, 1953-
Congressman Gregory Meeks who represents the Sixth Congressional District of South East Queens, home to a large Haitian migrant population, also expressed his concern about [Jean-Bertrand Aristide]'s removal from office and the role the United States, might have had in the affair. "I'm one who thinks that Aristide had some problems in the country. However, I believe in the institution of democracy and that we needed both sides to sit down pursuant to the CARICOM agreement," he told the Gleaner. Other members of the delegation who called on Secretary General [Kofi Annan] were Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California; Kendrick Meek from Florida; Donald Payne - New Jersey; Major Owen - New York; John Conyers - Michigan and actor and human rights activist, Danny Glover.