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This spot of ground : Spiritual Baptists in Toronto

Black Caribbean Literature (BCL)
Duncan,Carol B. (Author)
Book, Whole
Publication Date:
Waterloo, Ont: Wilfrid Laurier University Press
African American Research Center, Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Subject Term:
History, Blacks, Biography, Women, Interviews, Emigrants and immigration, Spiritual Baptists, Religious life, Caribbean Canadians, Toronto (Ontario)
275 p, Research Setting -- Study as a "Talking Book" -- Travessao -- Book Overview -- 1. "A Passport to Heaven's Gate" -- "Heaven's Gate": Canada in the North American and Caribbean Black Imaginary -- Church-Ship: Spiritual Voyaging -- Spiritual Baptists in Multicultural Canada: Considering Religious and National Identities in Migration -- Countercultures of Modernity and the Problem of Multiculturalism -- Historical Overview of Multiculturalism in Canada -- Multiculturalism in the Spiritual Baptist Church -- Spiritual Baptist Perceptions and Experiences of Multiculturalism in Canada -- 2. "This Spot of Ground": The Emergence of Spiritual Baptists in Toronto -- Origins of the Spiritual Baptist Church in the Caribbean -- "This Spot of Ground": The Spiritual Baptist Church as "Homeplace" in Toronto -- Founding of the First Spiritual Baptist Church in Toronto (1975-1980) -- Toronto Spiritual Baptist Church Organization -- 3. "So Spiritually, So Carnally": Spiritual Baptist Ritual, Theology, and the Everyday World in Toronto -- "So Carnally, So Spiritually" -- Ritual as Performance and Social Commentary -- Joining the Spiritual Baptist Church in Toronto -- Coming to Canada -- Work Experiences -- "It Hurt Me Feelings": Naming Racism -- "I Say You Can Call Me 'Damn Bitch' ... Just Don't Call Me 'Madam'!": Challenging Sexist Racism -- Church as Community: Support Networks in the Spiritual Baptist Church -- 4. "Africaland": "Africa" In Toronto Spiritual Baptist Experience -- Africaland -- Sacred Space and Place in the Spiritual Baptist Church -- Sacred Time in the Spiritual Baptist Church -- Travelling to Africaland -- Africa as Eden -- Africaland and the African Diaspora -- 5. "Dey Give Me a House to Gather in Di Chil'ren": Mothers and Daughters in the Spiritual Baptist Church -- Overview of Domestic Service in Canada -- Mothers of the Church -- Family in the Spirit: Extended Family in the Spiritual Baptist Church -- "If You Don't Come to Me, I'm Coming to You": Ancestral Mother -- "Dey Give Me a House to Gather in di Chil'ren": Spiritual Mother/Carnal Mother -- "God Has Work for You to Do": Nation Mother -- "It Makes You Feel Like Home": Spiritual Daughter -- 6. Aunt(Y) Jemima in Toronto Spiritual Baptist Experiences: Spiritual Mother Or Servile Woman? -- "Seeing" Aunt Jemima -- (Re)Turning the Gaze on Aunt(y) Jemima -- Re-reading Aunt(y) Jemima and the Creole Woman -- Tie-head Woman -- Head-ties and the Social Construction of Identity -- "To Pick It Up and Take It Forward''.