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Turf Wars: Local Context and Latino Political Development

Black Caribbean Literature (BCL)
Bishin,Benjamin G. (Author), Kaufmann,Karen M. (Author), Stevens,Daniel (Author)
Journal Article
Publication Date:
Jan 2012
United Kingdom: Sage Publications Ltd.
African American Research Center, Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Subject Term:
Caribbean area, Cuba, Emigrants and immigration, Hispanic Americans, Inequality, Political Behavior, Voting Behavior, Political power, Local government, Miami (Florida)
Examines the voting behavior of Cubans and non-Cuban Hispanics in two Florida counties. The group position thesis holds that status inequalities and perceived discrimination yield out-group hostilities that can influence political behavior. In Miami, where Cubans are dominant, we expect non-Cuban Latinos to report greater pan-Latino competition and that anti-Cuban attitudes will influence non-Cuban Hispanic voting. In Tampa, where non-Cuban Latinos live in communities where Cubans are not dominant, we expect lower levels of perceived competition and Cuban-related attitudes to be inconsequential to the vote. The results confirm that power relations in the local arena constitute an important influence on the political behavior of Latino immigrants.