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Can members’ WeChat engagement affect relational outcomes in community‐supported agriculture? empirical evidence from China

Agricultural Communications Documentation Center (ACDC)
Tan, Si (main author), Chen, Weiping (author)
Online journal article
Publication Date:
Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
Agricultural Communications Documentation Center, Funk Library, University of Illinois
Subject Term:
attitudes, communication methods, communication networks, consumers, information needs, social media, agricultural communication, community supported agriculture, People's Republic of China (PROC) (Eastern Asia), public engagement, online communication
17 pages., via online journal., Members’ offline engagement is commonly believed to affect the producer–member relationship in community‐supported agriculture, however, little research focuses on engagement in the online context. Using qualitative data of 24 members and quantitative data of 279 members from China, this study uses a sequential exploratory mixed‐method design to explore the impact of members’ WeChat engagement on relational outcomes. The findings indicate that WeChat engagement positively affects four relational outcomes: Service satisfaction, word of mouth, social bonds, and commitment. In addition, those four relational outcomes are not equally influenced by WeChat engagement. The greatest impact is on commitment, while the lowest is on service satisfaction. Furthermore, multigroup analysis results suggest that gender moderates the relationship between WeChat engagement and commitment.