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Agri-food companies in the social media: a comparison of organic and non-organic firms

Agricultural Communications Documentation Center (ACDC)
Jurado, Enrique Bernal (main author), Uclés, Domingo Fernández (author), Moral, Adoración Mozas (author), Viruel, Miguel Jesús Medina (author)
Online journal article
Publication Date:
Taylor & Francis
Agricultural Communications Documentation Center, Funk Library, University of Illinois
Subject Term:
agribusiness, communication analysis, consumer information, marketing, organic, social media, food issues, Spain (Europe), olive oil, online communication
15 pages., via online journal., Organic agri-food products in Spain face major commercial problems in the home market as a result of consumers’ lack of information about this type of product and difficulties in accessing it, and the considerable price differential between organic products and their conventional equivalents. This study proposes that consideration should be given to social media as a factor for mitigating these commercial problems and improving the competitiveness of organic food companies. Specifically, the aim of this research was to examine the social media penetration and activity of olive oil sector companies and ascertain whether organic and non-organic operators present differences in this respect. To this end, a checklist was used to analyse the social media activity of 663 olive oil companies in total, comprising both organic and non-organic producers. The results reveal statistically significant differences in social media penetration and use by organic and non-organic operators, with the former being more active in these networks. Nevertheless, the social media efforts of organic operators are less effective, owing to the limited demand for their products.