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Social science institutions, knowledge, and tools to address problems and issues

Agricultural Communications Documentation Center (ACDC)
Buttel, Frederick H. (main author)
Publication Date:
Agricultural Communications Documentation Center, Funk Library, University of Illinois
Subject Term:
agriculture research, concepts, economics, ethical issues, history, information systems, research organizations, roles, rural sociology, social factors, trends, universities, land-grant university, agricultural economics, anthropology, political science, geography
Pages 79-115 in Neill Schaller (ed.), Proceedings of Phase I Workshop: Social Science Agriculture Agenda Project, Spring Hill Conference Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 9-11. 384 pages., (p. 79) "I must, nonetheless, apologize for the fact that because of the limited time available for preparing this paper, I have elected not to treat home economics or home ecology and education at all. Regrettably, I have so little knowledge of these fields that it is better that I say nothing rather than risk generating or perpetuating half-truths. I will also not treat the communication sciences as a separate 'discipline' because of the inherent multidisciplinary character of departments of communication, agricultural journalism, and so on. Persons in these departments have typically been trained in such a wide range of disciplines (including sociology, psychology, journalism, and the humanities) that it is impossible to examine such programs as a single discipline. I will also not treat community development as a discipline."