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Media approach and media-mix for agro chemical marketing-merit analysis of promotional and services media

Agricultural Communications Documentation Center (ACDC)
Sridhar, M. P. (main author / Zuari Agrochemicals Ltd., Bangalore, India)
Journal article
Publication Date:
India: New Delhi, India : The Fertilizer Association of India
Agricultural Communications Documentation Center, Funk Library, University of Illinois Box: 90
Subject Term:
environment, farming methods, fertilizers, India, mass media, media effectiveness, shows, visual communication
It is an acknowledged fact that agro chemicals specially fertilizer was the fuel that sparked off the ignition of green revolution. Attempts are being made constantly by all those connected directly -- manufacturers, marketeers, distributors, dealers and indirectly -- Department of Agriculture, Cooperatives, Extension Agencies to reach the message to the farming community most effectively. In this process, various media are used as tools. Despite three decades of continuous work, the impact of the result is not commensurate with the efforts. An attempt is made in this paper to analyze each activity critically and scope for improvement. This has been the outcome after a study in 190 villages of southern Karnataka covering about 5,000 farmers by the writer. No importance has been attached to statistics, obviously to make it relatively simpler and more readable. (original)