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Strengthening linkages between agricultural research and farmers

Agricultural Communications Documentation Center (ACDC)
Cummings, Ralph W., Jr. (main author / Agricultural Economist, Rockefeller Foundation), Agricultural Economist, Rockefeller Foundation
Conference paper
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Agricultural Communications Documentation Center, Funk Library, University of Illinois Box: 80
Subject Term:
agricultural research, development issues, extension systems, farmer needs, farmers, information needs, linkages, program planning, technology transfer
INTERPAKS, In: Workshop on Linkages Between Agricultural Research and Farmers in Developing Countries; 1981 May 13-14. New York, NY : Rockefeller Foundation, 1981. 25 p., Begins with an overview of the technology development process which includes 3 principal action agents: a) the research service, b) the extension service, and c) the farmers. Points out the significant influence the service institutions and government policies have on the process. Delineates some of the weaknesses seen in the effectiveness of the various types of agents and points out the key variables in the technology development process. Raises the issues that need resolution for better linkages between agricultural research systems and the farmer. Outlines some objectives to be pursued in accelerating agricultural development. Points out the information needed on agro-climatic conditions, social and cultural characteristics, institutional and infrastructural development programs. Presents strategies for technology development through discussion of the interrelated components of generation, assessment and diffusion. Discusses the role organizations play in the process and the need to identify alternative means of implementation. Concludes with a section on the implications for assistance from donor agencies.