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Agricultural technology and the issue of unequal distribution of rewards : an Indian case study

Agricultural Communications Documentation Center (ACDC)
Fliegel, Frederick C. (main author), Kivlin, Joseph E. (author), Shingi, Prakash M. (author)
Publication Date:
Agricultural Communications Documentation Center, Funk Library, University of Illinois Box: 43
Subject Term:
adoption, development issues, distribution, economics, ethical issues, India, productivity, technology transfer
INTERPAKS, Urbana, IL: Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Illinois, 1979. (Staff paper, series S, rural sociology no. 79 S-12). 29 p., Examines the long-run effects on the diffusion of agricultural innovations, especially a key question in adoption and development research: Does a higher level of adoption of improved technology contribute to greater or lesser equality in distribution of social and economic "rewards" over time? Examination of this question is based on data drawn from interviews with 228 farm operators in Maharashtra, India. The first interview took place in 1967 and the follow-up interview in 1973. Analysis is focused on changes in equality of reward distribution among them over the six years. Results of the data indicate increased inequality in volume of production over the six years, not necessarily attributable to differences in utilization of agricultural technology. Inequalities in material well-being have decreased. Concludes that for this sample, and in the absence of radically improved production technology, the impact of induced change in production inputs and practices is such as to decrease the inequality in rewards over time. Analysis also covers access to information through extension contact and the mass media.