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Community organization and acceptance of change in rural India

Agricultural Communications Documentation Center (ACDC)
Fliegel, Frederick C. (main author / Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Illinois, Urbana), Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Illinois, Urbana
Journal article
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Agricultural Communications Documentation Center, Funk Library, University of Illinois Box: 43
Subject Term:
development programs, influences, organizations, rural communities, rural sociology
Evans, cited reference, This study is concerned with inter-community differences in social organization as these may affect the success of agricultural change programs in a sample of 108 Indian villages. With knowledge of the sociology of the community in its present state, it is not surprising that a number of the operational hypotheses posed were not supported by the data. Among these were hypotheses concerning agrarian structure, occupational structure, and the expected negative role of factional and religious cleavages. Local availability of farm labor and capital, plus a proliferation of formal organizations favor change program success. Traditional and modern elements of community organization seem to be intertwined in the modernization of agriculture, indicating a need for more systematic sociological knowledge of the community. (original)