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Communication for group transformation in development

Agricultural Communications Documentation Center (ACDC)
Chu, Godwin C. (main author), Kincaid, D. Lawrance, eds. (author), Rahim, Syed A. (author), Research Associate, East-West Communication Institute
Conference proceedings
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Agricultural Communications Documentation Center, Funk Library, University of Illinois Box: 42
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development communication
Abstract and table of contents only. Proceedings of papers presented at the 1975 Advanced Summer Seminar of the East-West Communication Institute, [s.l.] : East-West Communication Institute, 1976. 424 p. (Communication Monographs, Number 2), Communication has played a crucial role in group transformation and development in China. At the 1975 Advanced Summer Seminar of the East-West Communication Institute, scholars met to determine if similar roles for communication in social contexts vastly different from that of China could be identified and, if so, what general principles could be learned. These papers and discussions examine, first, how communication alters the social relations within a local group and creates a new structural context so that group members can achieve efficient use of people and resources and an equitable distribution of rewards; and, second, how the transformed group may function as an active, participating unit in the broad intergroup networks of a changing society. The volume is divided into four sections: "Theoretical Issues," "Empirical Studies of Groups in Action," "Methodological Perspectives of Group Analysis," and "Panel Discussions on Research, Policy, and Alternatives."